Activities in and around Freiburg

Freiburg offers you several different opportunities to spend your free time, regardless of you arriving a little early or expanding your stay in Freiburg after sRNA2019.

We collected some ideas for you and categorized them. There are very touristic activities but also some more relaxed and very action rich ones. We also covered it for the food touristics within you. And even activities for all the small and big kids are covered. Moreover, some ideas to hike in the beautiful area of the Black Forest must not be forget.

The official tourism website of Freiburg is:


For those of you who look for the thrill of speed and scenic views we recommend to try the scooter drive downhill the near mountain Schauinsland. You can ‘crest’ the 1220 m of the Schauinsland comfortably by cable car. Take the rental scooter and protection and speed down on specially designated forest trails the with 8 km longest scooting course in Europe. This downhill adventure might take you 1 hour. In September they are open on Saturdays and Sundays at 2 pm and 5 pm at the upper cable car station. It will be 28 € per Person (special offer for the cable car not included).

Freiburg has also awesome opportunities for more traditional two-weelers. There are nice regions and mountains for Mountain biking. There even exist several designated biking routes, which provide a lot of signs, warnings of and for hikers and different difficulties. You can check out the trails on the website of the constructor Mountainbike Freiburg e.V. or find your won route. You can either bring your own bike or rent one. There are plenty of stores for bike rentals like Sport Kiefer or Radstation am Hauptbahnhof.

Moreover there are plenty free time activities you can check out in Freiburg. Why not try to escape from an Escape Room. The Frexit Escape room offers a special theme called “Mission Schwarzwald” and Rätsel-Haft has actors with you in the adventure. Furthermore, if you ever thought Minigolf is boring, you have never tried the black-light Minigolf in Denzlingen (Psst. Also very nice for some Selfies.). They also offer black-light PitPat.

Touristic Activities

If you want to explore the city as if you are on holidays. There are some things you might to want to check out. A typical city tour would cover:

  • Freiburger Münster – the minster (similar to a cathedral) of Freiburg. There is a huge farmers and merchants market around the minster every day except Sundays. The minster is built mainly in the style of Gothic Architecture and has some hidden secrets.
  • Historisches Kaufhaus (Historic merchants` hall): Loacted on the South side of the Münsterplatz, this building attracts your attention  with its bright red color and several ornaments.
  • Martinstor & Schwabentor: These gates have been preserved since medieval times and are part of the former town fortification.
  • Bertoldsbrunnen: It’s a central point in Freiburg where almost every tram line passes. It is a monument build for Großherzog Friedrich, the founder of Freiburg – Herzog Berthod III., the builder of the Freiburger Minster – Konrad I., and for Albert von Österreich – the founder of the University of Freiburg (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg).
  • New University library: It’s a very modern building located directly next to the Platz der Alten Synagoge.
  • Platz der Alten Synagoge: This is also a newly renovated place which should remind everyone to the ignition and destruction of the Synagogue in 1938. A water basin symbolises the old groundplan of the building.
  • Siegesdenkmal: Located at the Europaplatz, the Siegesdenkmal is a monument to the German victory in the Franco-Prussian War in 1871.
  • Kanonenplatz: Here you have one of the best views over Freiburg with just a little effort. It is part of a fortification. Combine the climb up to this viewpoint with a visit of the highest Beer garden of Freiburg ‘Kastaniengarten’.
  • Konviktstraße: This is a very picturesque small street with unique shops, old houses and grape vines.
  • Another idea is to walk down the main shopping street Kaiser Joseph Straße (locals might call it KaJo). Watch out for the manhole covers, which gave you a beautiful hint on the profession of the former or actual shop owners nearby. Also you might want to make sure to not step into one of the Freiburger Bächle as there is the forecast that you have to marry an inhabitant of Freiburg if you do so. In this Bächle originally designed to water fields, to supply animals with drinking water and to help in case of a fire, you can watch children play with the Freiburger Bächleboote.
  • If you have a sense of Sherlock Holmes you might also want to go on a hunt for a crocodile living in the Bächle.

Of course there is much more to see in Freiburg. A visit of the ‘city river’ Dreisam and the Seepark are always worth a visit.


If you want to explore without much effort, you might want to visit some restaurants, bars and cafés we recommend here.

Another idea is to take the funicular from the Stadtgarten to the restaurant Dattler. There you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with some Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte.

Or just stroll around the city center with open eyes and catch a lot of hidden beautys like the manhole covers mentioned above.

Also a visit of the old Landesgartenschau area Seepark is worth a visit. Here you can see sunbathing turtles, ducks and huge fish. You can walk over water on the pontoon bridge, have a nice view over the area from a observation tower located on top of some vine yards and lay on the grass nearby the lake Flückingersee. For a little more movement you can rent a boat, play mini-golf or play boules. For a relaxing and educating atmosphere you can visit the Japanese garden located here.

Also, if you have not already, you might want to visit the Botanical Garden located directly nearby the venue of Cyano2018. Not only can you follow the old systematical structure of the outside living plants and watch some fish and frogs in the ponds, but you can also explore exotic plants in the greenhouses.


There is some typical Freiburger food besides the well known Black Forest cake ‘Schwarzwälder Kirsch Torte’.

Both recommendations you can find on the Münstermarkt located around the Freiburger Münster. One of them is the ‘Freiburger Lange Rote‘. This sausage is a Rostbratwurst (grilled sausage) without casing and has a length about 35 mm. You can order them with or without onions in a roll. And if you do not want to be recognized as a tourist, you might not want to order your Lange Rote unbend.

The other one is ‘Stefans Käsekuchen‘. Almost no one can resist this cheesecake, which you can buy in different flavors. Coming nearer to the Münstermarkt you can see people walking around with the typical yellow cake boxes and a happy smile on their faces.

For All Ages

If you came here with your kids or still are a kid inside or simply love animals, you have to check out the Mundenhof. This free of charge animal and nature park is with a 38 ha areal the biggest one in Baden-Würtemberg with pets, livestocks and other animals from all over the world. They have funky monkeys, majestic deer, white cashmere goats, curious meerkats, portly bisons, funny camels and many more. Here you can also enjoy good food, cake, farmers bread and the famous Mundenhof ice cream.


Amazingly, Freiburg is directly located at the begging of the Black Forest. Thus, there are a lot of hiking opportunities. If you want to start directly at your front door, we recommend to hike up the Schlossberg. Up there you can visit the ruins of an old fortess and climb up the 251 steps of the Schlossbergturm and enjoy the beautiful view in all directions. You can spot the sights of Freiburg like the Müster or Martinstor. In another direction you can see the Kaiserstuhl and behind the Vogesen and France. Turning around you can try to find the Feldberg, and some other mountains of the Black Forest. Looking North you can see the Roßkopf with its unambiguous four wind turbines and in between the Roßkopfturm.

This is the goal of another very typical hike from the city center. Up at the Roßkopf you can find a tower, a barbecue place and some mountain bikers. And do not wonder why you can’t reach the top very fast – a lot of people managed to follow different trail signs leading to very long but still enjoyable walks.

Beginning at the Biology department or some other place within Freiburg. There are different ways to reach a little forest restaurant called St. Ottilien. There are many trail signs leading you there, so you can’t miss it. Here you can crab a beer or lemonade, fuel yourself with food and be prepared to walk back to your home.

Another very special hiking goal might be Waltraudt vom Mühlenwald. This is a tree (a Douglasie) which is apparently the highest tree of Germany. It is over 66 m high. You can start your trip from the WaldHaus, which offers you some knowledge about the forest and offers some courses. There is also a tree sculpture path around.

If you want some higher mountains, check out the Schauinsland. This can be reached via public transportation. There is a cable car which you can take to reach the top of the mountain. Here you can enjoy walks around the hill, visit an astronomical observatory and explore the formerly biggest silver mine of Southern Germany.

Also very famous is the Feldberg – the highest mountain of Germany outside the Alps. It is 1,493 m high. There are plenty possibilities to wander around here. There is even a lake.